Why we clean with microfiber cloths

Cleaning with microfiber cloths is a best practice at B+B Household Cleaning Products. We recommend using microfiber over paper towels with all of our household cleaners. Dirt adheres to the microfiber instead of just pushing dust around.  Not only is cleaning with reusable microfiber cloths also more economical, but it’s better for the environment too. We’ve formulated TrueVeue Glass Cleaner, DailyStohn Granite Cleaner and PureStiel Stainless Steel Cleaners to help you clean smarter not harder, and the technology in microfiber makes life easier too.

We are big fans of the microfiber polishing cloths from Clean Mama. They are available online here.  Recently, we caught up with Clean Mama Blogger, Becky, and asked her why she chooses to clean with microfiber towels too, “I love cleaning with microfiber – it’s eco-friendly because it’s washable and reusable.  If you have experienced lint on surfaces while cleaning, you won’t find it with microfiber. My favorite feature of microfiber is that it can be used dry or damp, making it a very versatile cleaning tool.”


B+B Household Cleaning Products is a new line of eco-friendly household cleaners designed specifically for each surface they clean. TrueVeue glass cleaner, DailyStohn granite cleaner, and PureStiel stainless steel cleaner are available online individually or in our best selling 4 bottle multi pack.

Posted By Sarah Forrer
April 13, 2017
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