Like so many households, keeping stone counters, stainless appliances, and glass cleaned was a challenge for creator Claudia Crea. From finger prints to splashes from the frying pan she knew she didn’t have the right products on hand to get the jobs done well.

Created right in her own home, Crea and her husband tapped into her background as a chemist, and his knowledge from his family’s stone business to come up with products that could clean, restore and leave a pristine finish. They also had to be safe for their family, especially their dogs, Balthazar and Brisco. Necessity was truly the mother of invention for TrueVeue, DailyStohn, and PureStiel. Founded in 2015 in Northeast Ohio.

*A portion from the sale of every bottle will be donated to local animal shelters and charities in honor of our company namesakes, Zar and Brisco.