Why try our new eco-friendly cleaners?

Why B+B?

 Below are just a few of the many reasons why B+B Household Cleaning products are different than your usual cleaning products.

  1. B+B Household Cleaning Products are surface specific. We recognize that different surfaces have unique needs. Instead of a multi-surface cleaner TrueVeue is a Glass cleaner, DailyStohn is for granite and natural stones, and PureStiel is designed for those hard to keep clean stainless-steel surfaces and appliances.
  2. Our CEO, Claudia Crea, formulated all of the products herself. They are formulated with plant based surfactants and natural essential oils.
  3. B+B Household Cleaning Products are made in the USA and our bottles are made from recycled materials.
  4. In honor of our company namesakes, Balthazar and Brisco, a portion of the sale from every bottle is donated to local animal shelters and charities.
  5. B+B Household Cleaning products were created to provide you with an effective way to clean your home without the use of harsh chemicals.  Designing something that would be eco-friendly was at the forefront of our minds. We knew they had to clean better but they also had to be safe for our family and the environment always!

New to B+B? Shop our sample sample box. You get 4 4oz bottles at one convenient price. 

**B+B Household Cleaning Products is a new line of eco-friendly household cleaners designed specifically for each surface they clean. TrueVeue glass cleaner, DailyStohn granite cleaner, and PureStiel stainless steel cleaner are available online individually or in our best selling 4 bottle multi pack.

Always safe for your family and always safe for the environment.

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