How to clean stainless steel with PureStiel Stainless Steel Cleaner

Clean stainless steel with ease.

Stainless steel is pretty, but what happens if you don’t know how to clean it? It can become pretty disgusting. With our PureStiel Stainless Steel Cleaner, cleaning has never been easier! Unlike many other cleaners on the market, PureStiel Stainless Steel Cleaner is not oil based. When you spray it, there is never a greasy film left behind. Other cleaners often leave an oily residue to produce a shine. We know how difficult it is to clean stainless steel and give it a shiny appearance. It often lends itself to visible streaking, and shows everything that touches it. Unlike cleaners that are geared towards “all purpose cleaning,” B+B Household Cleaning products are surface specific cleaning products. That being said, cleaning stainless steel surfaces around your home is as simple as spraying B+B’s PureStiel and wiping the surface clean.

It’s hard to avoid fingerprints, drips, and splashes, but PureStiel Stainless Steel Cleaner is an effective, safe and gentle formula that can be used as often as needed. We formulate all of our own products with plant-based surfactants and the only oils we use are all natural essential oils for our scented products. While we can’t prevent fingerprints from kiddos, or licks from puppies, we can feel confident when we say PureStiel Stainless Cleaner can clean them well while always being safe for your family and the environment.

**B+B Household Cleaning Products is a new line of eco-friendly household cleaners designed specifically for each surface they clean. TrueVeue glass cleaner, DailyStohn granite cleaner, and PureStiel stainless steel cleaner are available online individually or in our best selling 4 bottle multi pack.

Always safe for your family and always safe for the environment.

Posted By Sarah Forrer
March 30, 2017
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