B+B Cleaners Introduces an Eco-Friendly Household Cleaner Made in the USA

The B+B corporate headquarters are located in Akron, Ohio. Environmentally friendly household cleaners made in the USA are tough to come by these days, but we can proudly say that all of our household cleaners are made in the USA. Our True Veue glass cleaner, Pure Stiel stainless steel cleaner and Daily Stohn granite cleaner are all eco-friendly household cleaners made in the USA.

Northeast Ohio has had great happenings in the recent past; the Cleveland Cavaliers are the 2016 National Champions, and the Cleveland Indians made it to the World Series. Amazing things are also happening in USA manufacturing. Unique and highly engineered cleaning products made in the USA are offering alternatives to harsh chemicals. B+B Household Cleaners never even considered manufacturing its household cleaning products anywhere but the USA. We are excited to be a part of USA manufacturing and producing something that consumers around the world want to buy–household cleaners made in the USA.

Our eco-friendly household cleaners are manufactured in local facilities that are mindful of the environment and abide by the strictest of regulations. Knowing that our blenders are local and easily accessible gives us confidence that our household cleaners are always safe for your family AND the environment.

Posted By Sarah Forrer
December 6, 2016
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